Space Coast Area Homes Blog: Copperhead Tavern Opens in Indialantic

Copperhead Tavern Opens in Indialantic

Space Coast Area HomesCopperhead Tavern has opened in Indialantic.  I have previously written about eateries on the Space Coast.  One of them was City Tropics Bistro along 5th avenue.  City Tropics Bistro, if you read my blog is a nice, but tired eatery that has one of the better happy hour menus and Sunday Bunches Beachside.
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Well the owner of City Tropics Bistro, and several other Beachside venues has  opened another eatery at 205 5th Ave where his last restaurant (and failure) Andimao used to sit.  This new venture for Dijon (the owner) is called the Copperhead Tavern and opened on Thursday January 30th.

I went in last night to meet with a couple of friends and I will say that the look of Coppperhead Tavern is nice.  The interior of the restaurant is open to 5th Avenue which is good.  Much like City Tropics Bistro down the street, the exposure to Copperhead Tavern, is inviting and you definitely notice it when you drive down 5th avenue.   Exposed brick walls and photos of screen starts like Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood, Sammy Davis, Jr and more grace the walls.  The atmosphere is lively and humming even if the music is a bit too loud.  Our waiter Jason was wonderful, gracious, accommodating and just an all around nice guy!

The food on the other hand was a BIG LET DOWN!  The menu is sparse to say the least and has not ONE vegetarian item on it.  Being that I visited with two of my friends (one of whom is vegan) this was not good.  My friend was reduced to eating an extremely overpriced dish of marinated olives for her dinner.

Space Coast Area HomesI opted for a hamburger, though while "decent", it was almost small enough to pass for a slider at other restaurants.  Our waiter told me that I could have ordered an "additional meat paddy" for $4.95 which would pump up the burger to the size of a hamburger at other burger joints.   That would be $10 for what is in essence a mediocre or average burger.  My biggest disappointment came when I bit into the pickle that came with my oh so petite hamburger.  The pickle was an insipid and overly sweet bread and butter pickle!  I detest bread and butter pickles and NEVER have I had one served with a hamburger.  When I requested a dill pickle, I was informed that they do not serve them at Copperhead Tavern.   Big thumbs down on that one for me!

Our table also ordered the Oxtail Poutine which is basically french fries covered with an oxtail gravy with cheese curds.  They were decent, but I couldn't help but compare this dish with the Gumbo Cheesy Fries at Bunky's Raw Bar down A1A which are not only superior in taste, but are also priced better.

While I appreciate that the owner of
Copperhead Tavern has put a lot of money into the construction of this restaurant, the menu selection, prices and portions served are going to have to improve tremendously if he wants this venue to succeed and not go by way of his previous restaurant in this very spot.  A Happy Hour Menu would go a long way in drawing people into the Copperhead Tavern, as the standard menu certainly will not.

Yes, Brevard County's Beachside community is small enough to not have an incredible selection of restaurants, but we are also smart enough not to be taken for a ride by establishments that serve mediocre food at exorbitant prices.

I would say stop by Copperhead Tavern for a beer after work, but move on for dinner, the value just isn't there.


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Posted By: Kerry Klun - 321-626-5868

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Comment balloon 17 commentsKerry L Klun, Broker/Owner • February 05 2014 08:24AM


Thanks for the review Kerry, I won't be checking this one out.

Posted by Cathy Wolters, Your Brevard County Property Management Expert (Wolters Realty & Property Management Company) almost 4 years ago
The place is a Tavern, not a five star restaurant. Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting a comment. For example, the "additional patty" on the burger is $3 not $4.95. Personally, I don't like dill pickles and would welcome a crisp sweet pickle for a change. My boyfriend ordered the wings (delicious) with sweet Sriracha sauce which were, imo, a generous portion and I had (as a snack) the tater tots, which really should be called Tater Fritters--excellent and unusual. In fact, all of the food is unusual for this town. When is the last time you saw Poutine on a menu around here? There is not an item on the menu priced higher than $6.95 (except specialty shakes like the "Bushwacker") The place is young, vibrant, and fresh. The firepit in the back lends to great conversation and good times with old friends and new. I will definitely be back again and again. Way to go, D'jon! (Oh yeah Kerry, you spelled his name wrong too!)
Posted by kimberly almost 4 years ago

Kimberly, I obviously struck a nerve with you!  My question to you is, because of your obvious level of anger of my review, how are you affiliated with the owner of this new tavern?  You are certainly entitled to your opinion as I am mine.  I agree, the interior of Copperhead is nice.  I also stand corrected on the price of the additional meat patty if I was incorrect.  But wouldn't it be a better idea to just serve a full sized hamburger from the start and not nickle and dime the guests?  You also did not address the issue of no vegetarian items on the menu.  The one thing that I think we both agree on is that Copperhead Tavern is NOT a 5 star restaurant.  I stand by my review. 

Posted by Kerry L Klun, Broker/Owner, 321-626-5868 (Palm Realty) almost 4 years ago
I had a horrible 1st experience at the Copperhead Tavern; consequently I will never go back! There were 4 bartenders at the bar and not one of them even made eye contact with us. I would have accepted that behavior if there was a shift change, but the creature with the face piercings was just pacing behind the bar-as if we were invisible. After 5 minutes of waiting (at a dirty bar), my husband asked for a wheat beer-that they were sold out of. What the bartender should have done was offer him a sample of another beer-but apparently that was too beneath him. I asked for a shot of Macallan 12 and got such a bad pour, I told him to dump it and walked out. This staff is amateurish, unprofessional and simply awful. I agree with you, Kerry, as I felt hosed by their crappy prices-and that was just at the bar! This experience was a huge disappointment and I will never return, nor will I recommend this place to anyone!
Posted by Lisa Kover almost 4 years ago

Great Customer Service and fair pricing for the portions is critical for a successful Business, that's for sure. Have a great day, Kerry.

Posted by Tamra Lee Ulmer, FORCE~NRBA ~ Over 1000 REO Assets SOLD! (Arizona Resource Realty) almost 4 years ago
Sounds like it will fold for the same reason Andiamo did. Went there once, service was horrid, food mediocre to say the least and prices exhorbitant.
Posted by Marcia Gelfand almost 4 years ago
Kerry, I must say that this is a comical post, and clearly you are not up to speed on the restaurant business. First things first, Tavern is A BAR. If you are not familiar with a bar, they play loud music, and focus their attention on serving cocktails. The menu is a BAR MENU. If you are wanting to have a quiet sit down meal with a huge selection, go elsewhere. If you are vegan, choose another place to eat that does not focus on BURGERS AND BEER. Not to mention, the menu has more than “overpriced olives” to choose from in the event that you are vegan. Are there healthy options? NO, but again this is a BAR. The food is FAR from a "Big Let Down". I have tried almost everything on Tavern’s menu and have not had any less than awesome. Please tell me where you can go in this city and get a burger (in which you can add AS MANY toppings as you want for NO ADDITIONAL cost) and french fries for $6.95? Nothing on the Menu is over $6.95! A bum off the street can afford to eat a burger and fries at this place! You must not be selling enough houses if the already low price menu is an issue for you. Last time I checked, a meal at McDonalds cost more than that. Also, the burgers are meant to be the size they are. If you have ever ventured out of this small town, you may of heard of Shake Shack or Burger Fi? They serve 6oz burgers with similar topping options. If you knew anything about food portioning, you would know that a regular burger is an 8 oz serving. So if you get two patties, you would have a 12 oz burger (and I doubt you could even finish that). If you were not aware, the pickles are made in house and are a unique feature to the menu. They are not “bread and butter pickles”, they are HOMEMADE pickles, and they are pretty darn good. To compare any of Tavern’s menu items to Bunky’s, shows that you lack any knowledge on what is considered good food. If you did not already know, Poutine is a traditional Canadian dish that is not served ANYWHERE in this city. It is in no way comparable to or inspired by “Gumbo Cheesy Fries” at Bunkys- HAHA. I am sure in any blind taste test, this poutine would win. Onto Happy Hour…. Happy Hour is meant to bring people into a resturant. If you have not been back to Tavern since your intial visit, you would see that they are having no issues at all bringing in a crowd. The bar has literally been packed everyday since it has opened (I live 2 streets down from Tavern and pass by there everyday). If you also are not aware, most happy hour menus lower the price of beer by $.50. WOW big savings there! The Mansion is another place that does not offer happy hour and it is because the prices are already low and people are still going to come in regardless of the price. Just so you are aware, everything on Djon’s, City Tropics & Sands happy hour menu ranges from $5-$7. All of the food on Tavern’s menu is priced for Happy Hour already….The food is great for what it is, there is no bar/resturant that looks half as good as this place does, and good people hang out there too. Jealous ones will always envy…
Posted by Melbourne Beach almost 4 years ago

Dear Anonymous,

If you don't work at Copperhead (or own it) how do you know so much about how they make their pickles?  FYI, I DO compare the poutine to Gumbo Cheesy Fries, and the Cheesy Fries are better.


Posted by Kerry L Klun, Broker/Owner, 321-626-5868 (Palm Realty) almost 4 years ago

Kerry, guess you hit a nerve from Anonymous on your critique of the Copperhead Tavern. Will have to make a pit stop next time I am in the neighborhood.

Posted by Jane Chaulklin-Schott, TeamConnect Luxury Homes - Orlando, Florida, 32836 (TEAMCONNECT REALTY - (407) 394-9766) almost 4 years ago

Jane, obviously I did.  How ridiculous!

Posted by Kerry L Klun, Broker/Owner, 321-626-5868 (Palm Realty) almost 4 years ago

Okay, I am not going to eat there, no veggies, not that I don't like a good Elk Burger.

Posted by Steven Nickens, R(S)GRI ABR, Maui Real Estate Hawaii (Elite Pacific Properties Maui) almost 4 years ago

Steven,  LOL elk burger????  Where did that come from?  How funny!

Posted by Kerry L Klun, Broker/Owner, 321-626-5868 (Palm Realty) almost 4 years ago
This is cray cray, I like elk burgers too!! But I have never had one with a sweet pickle. Thanks for the review, I'm going to eat there tomorrow night!
Posted by Billy Bobbie Jr. almost 4 years ago

Enjoy Billy!

Posted by Kerry L Klun, Broker/Owner, 321-626-5868 (Palm Realty) almost 4 years ago
So... They don't have Elk Burgers. This site did not help me out. I have also ate at The Burger Place, they allow unlimited toppings at no extra cost. Worth mentioning, their buns are excellent and the consistency of serving a very good burger is what I like. And that's Billy Bobbie Jr, Billy is my father.
Posted by Billy Bobbie Jr. almost 4 years ago

Billie Bobbie Jr, no, they don't have Elk Burgers at Copperhead, I believe that was a joke.  You're right though, I've eaten at the Burger Place and it is a GREAT place to get a burger!

Posted by Kerry L Klun, Broker/Owner, 321-626-5868 (Palm Realty) almost 4 years ago
The Burger Place is amazingly good all round. Fresh rolls made on premises, thin, crispy fries, and great burgers. A bit expensive but worth every penny. The atmosphere is great retro too.
Posted by CJ the W over 3 years ago